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3 May, 2019

Mountain Movies

The big screen is one of the biggest entertainments, and the presence or appearance of climbing in it has been and is something that draws our attention to all climbers, leaving aside the documentaries, when it comes to science fiction or of isola...

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5 April, 2019


There was always a great connection between climbing and yoga. Yoga is the potentially most powerful tool for the climber. Climbing contains as main physical points for the full development of this activity, balance, elasticity, balance, focus, se...

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1 March, 2019

Can we feel and live the mountains from home ?

From Tulson Tolf we say yes, yes and yes. But of course, why is it possible, how is it possible, in what way is it possible? It is through literature, through the mediation of books. What happens now is that after this decisive affirmation the que...

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1 February, 2019

Let’s go recycling together! 

Let’s go recycling together! It’s estimated that 80% of the plastic we dispose finds its way into the ocean. There is an average of 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile of ocean. These numbers are alarming. The ocean is the lifeline of our ...

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4 January, 2019

Climbing Running

Running climbing, climbing running. Climbing fast, and definitely, climbing light. The term Climbing Running is one of newest, and its concept is the one that is most appealing and growing exponentially. Climbing the mountains wi...

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3 December, 2018

Climbing during childhood

Childhood is the ideal time to start climbing. A human instinct, to climb, that shines with force in the first years of life, and that if it is taken advantage of with the beginning in the verticality, it will develop a human being more in harmony...

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31 October, 2018

The crew that revolutionized free climbing

The ´70s, California, USA. Lynn Hill, John Long, Dean Fidelman, Mike Graham, Rick Accomazzo, Dean Fidelman, Dale Bard, wake up at the Yosemite campground while Bachar plays the huge and golden saxophone walking around the ashes from the campfire f...

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