Climbing during childhood

3 December, 2018

Childhood is the ideal time to start climbing. A human instinct, to climb, that shines with force in the first years of life, and that if it is taken advantage of with the beginning in the verticality, it will develop a human being more in harmony with himself.

Climbing, by overwhelming majority, is the favorite pastime of a child. From the beginning and during the development of their psychomotor coordination, babies learn by exploring the synchronicity between their arms, legs and eyes. The eyes mark the pattern of the challenge, and little by little coordinate with   greater and greater agility that their arms and legs  accompany them to the goal. If you put a goal horizontally to a baby, it will be seen in your brain as reachable as if it were placed vertically. This is where their instincts emerge, and it is the opportune moment to give you the freedom to learn from your own abilities, and instead of setting goals that resemble verticality-fear, take advantage of the climb and always guided by experts and adults, accompany them to  bring out the best of themselves.

Later on, during childhood growth, climbing allows them to know each other better than any other girl or boy who has not developed this activity. They know better their movements, their corporal margins, their elasticity and visualization. They develop more elastic muscles, more fibrous, agile bodies, where being the sport climbing where the more muscles are worked, they develop a very high cerebral interaction with each part of their body with a very high response. They develop balance, the agility of thought, trust and self-confidence, the balance between their emotions and the situation to be solved, anticipation, self-esteem, concentration, and it is the sport that provides the greatest relaxation due to the realase, not only of energy but also of adrenaline.

And most importantly, they learn from themselves, facing their own challenges, to be free individually. That is, to evaluate for themselves the situation, and know for themselves about what they are capable of doing, and thus, manage their risk.

It is always the perfect time to give them the opportunity to explore their limits by themselves, and verticality is one of the most innate, healthy and fun that we have all experienced in our first years of life.