Climbing Running

4 January, 2019

Running climbing, climbing running. Climbing fast, and definitely, climbing light. The term Climbing Running is one of newest, and its concept is the one that is most appealing and growing exponentially. Climbing the mountains with the emotion that invades you as you run, and so light, to run, to climb, up & down.

“Having a walk on the rocks“ for hours and hours is the activity that provides the greatest security, even when dealing with low levels of difficulty. It is the best training to get to know yourself and to know what your limits are, to balance and learn to control your gravitational center.

Up, down, horizontal, diagonal movements on the rock, cause a unique awakening of our senses. Strengthen our foot muscles, our balance, and most importantly, allows us to know as only a few activities are able to.

The practice of Climbing Running has two main aspects, and both of us are in the mountains in one way or another, enjoying from different perspectives. One, it is the runner who arrives at a rock step and sees it as a challenge deciding to learn, to face it while enjoying, and therefore to appreciate the mountain 360º. The other side is the climber or Alpin runner, who constantly practices Climbing Running because it is the base to understand that sometimes less is more and that practicing it is essential to have a truly important background to be able to climb important routes and to perform important activities. Whatever your level and way is, we all meet each other on the rocks, and therefore we have to know how to get the most out of it.

The first point to consider is the footwear. Normally, from the side of the runner, we come from the running shoes. At the moment of facing the verticality of the rock, and even though its difficulty is minimal, the sure and correct thing is to put on a climbing shoe. But not just any climbing shoe, they must be the appropriate. Climbing shoes in general need to be narrow by antonomasia, because it is necessary to collect the points of expansion and to concentrate them to focus the force. However, for the practice of Climbing Running it is necessary for our feet to have a minimum expansion point and measured to the millimeter, especially in the release, to allow freer, faster and more comfortable movements. They must be a climbing shoes with the just and correct pressure, both in the toe, heel, and in the adjustments designed for all movements. Using a regular climbing shoe will hurt you, and will not allow you to really enjoy the activity, or to practice it correctly. The climbing shoe Qubit, (and Qubit Invernal with thermal polar sock for low temperatures), is the only and first climbing shoe designed for the practice of Climbing Running and Alpin Running. STEP 1 and STEP 2, are two perfect models either for those who start from zero and they want to go vertical rising in rock, or on the other side, for those at the completely opposite point having a very high degree in rock climbing, Climbing Running and Alpin Running, which what they are primarily looking for is to be comfortable, and yet they intend to strengthen their muscles and to release movements in the tendons. All three models are foldable, and weigh like a pair of socks. You just have to fold them, and always carry them in your pocket. They will save you from great troubles.

Lightness is the key concept to understand that it is not about running for running, it is not about chronometers or times. It is about feeling immersed in the rock, in the mountains, with the greatest lightness, simplicity, and purity possible, focusing on the moment, enjoying an absolutely unique way of the mountain and the unique energy that the rock transmits.