Great Alpin routes ideas for this summer!

1 July, 2019

Alps is the alpine capital, and for rock climbers, in summer it becomes a paradise to enjoy. Alps meets many exceptional conditions. Its beauty, its infinity of peaks, its centrality in the access thanks to its valleys, and something very interesting, is the place where more variety of possibilities offers, both for climbing and alpine climbing, ice climbing, running, parachuting or skiing, with many ways to practice the same routes in different modalities. In this article we propose five summer activities, perfect to practice in one day, all of them from Chamonix, and depending on our level, we can version them in a more climbing running or more alpine running style, or on the contrary with a more classic for those who prefer it, depending on our level and personal taste.

The Via Caline to Les Mottets in the Mer de Glace, Chamonix. This is a fast, assured route, perfect for climbing running. It consists of about 400 meters with a degree not higher than IVº. It is not necessary to rappel for its descent, which is done by Mottets de Chamonix. The environment is beautiful, between forest and a surprisingly very sticky granite.

The Corda Alpina road to Les Mottets in Mer de Glace, Chamonix, is a very fast route, ideal for climbing running with a grade not higher than IIIº + / IVº. Neither is it necessary to rappel, descending by Les Mottets to Chamonix. A route that is a mix between climbing path and alpine route thanks to its comfortable degree and alpine environment.

The South Ridge of the Chapelle de la Gliere in the Red Needles. In this route it is essential to carry rope. The difficulty is moderate, being about 400m and with a maximum cataloging of 5b. This route offers the possibility of ascending to one of the highest needles of the Red Needles, with a classic style. It is not a way to look for the degree being classic beautiful.

The Edge SE to the Index, in the Red Needles. This route is easy profile with a degree no higher than IV, with only one step a little more difficult. It is essential to carry rope to rappel, descending the hill of the Index direction chair lift as a reference. It means going up a needle with maximum speed. It’s a good breakfast!

The SW Ridge of the S summit of the Aiguille du tour, Chamonix, is a simple route that leads us to the summit of Le Tour. It does not present difficulty, but it is necessary to take glacier material. It’s descent is done by the normal way. It is an option to access in an alpine way to a beautiful summit but with a minimum complication.

These five routes are varied, they are fun, they are beautiful, and if you have not climbed at any time, you will love doing it this summer. All the information we offer is general, as it is a small article focused on mountain entertainment. But of course we recommend you always to inform yourself before climbing, to be able to assess your degree and need of material, which always and as you know, ends up being a personal decision based on our own personal and meteorological needs. The information is never superfluous, but our desire is that both those who have a comfortable degree and those who come from the running and you want to do some nice climbing route in the Alps, that we all enjoy with these routes that are quite accessible, at the same time alpine Happy summer!