The crew that revolutionized free climbing

31 October, 2018

The ´70s, California, USA. Lynn Hill, John Long, Dean Fidelman, Mike Graham, Rick Accomazzo, Dean Fidelman, Dale Bard, wake up at the Yosemite campground while Bachar plays the huge and golden saxophone walking around the ashes from the campfire from the previous night. It´s time for Rock ´n´Roll, Free Jazz, and walls, big walls.

At that moment they didn’t know, but they were making history being the crew that revolutionized free climbing, making of their climbing shoes their new tool to break boundaries with their flag of rebellion and freedom. They’ve been the most rocker crew, stylish & unique along the short history of rock climbing.

And Tulson Tolf pays tribute to them with California, the new climbing shoes inspired in those days, applying the technology, the materials and technical response of today. A sunny day, a headscarf around your hair, a great route and your California climbing shoes. A new Rock ´n´ Roll star has born. YOU.