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30 years

Mountain Guide UIAGM (International Union of Associations of Mountain Guides ), he considers to have true mountain companions, not customers.

Piolet d’Or 2004 by the catalonian expedition that climbed K2, route Magic Line. Gold Medal by the AEGM, for risking his life to save another. Opener of new routes as Palung Ri, baptized by himself as Jan. Sun Tzu, directly to the Wall of Shadows, solo, without ropes, in alpine style, or Hechicera, solo. Nuptse and Lhotse south solo. First global downhill in snowboard of Cho Oyu. Chant du Cigne on the north face of the Eiger, solo and integral climbed.

These are just some of the most remarkable experiences of Jordi Tosas, who loves the mountain in its purity, and has always lived and approached it in this way. Pioneer of the alpine running, Jordi has always gone ahead to the current projection that the greater alpinists are walking today. Light, fast. Pure.

“Mountaineering is an ephemeral art, an art that is live and grow, an art that can not be packaged. Dies at the time of being carried”