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30 years

When we talk about climbing running and alpine running, there ir a name we all know and admire, Karl Egloff. Aconcagua World Record speed climbing (11hr, 52min), Kilimanjaro (6hr, 42min), Cerro Plomo (5hr, 55min), and Cotopaxi (1hr, 37min).

In trail running, Karl won gold medal on Polichasqui VK, and TNF Endurance Challenge 50KV (new record) on 2014. On 2015, he got the gold medal at Condor Trail 23K (new record), and 2x Andes Infernal Ultra Trail 52K (new record). Silver medal at Urdu Ultra Trail 70K, La Cumbre Vertical with gold medal, La Boveda VK with bronze medal, Hombre de Fuego 25K and Rucu Ultra Trail 30K with gold medal, or Andes 6000, 21K, getting the first place, are near example of his brilliant career.

Karl is mountain guide since 1996, with expeditions above 6000 mtrs, and summits as Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Cayambe, Artisan, Illiniza, Alpamayo, Pisco Aconcagua, Island Peak, Schreckhorn, Kilimanjaro, Himalaya and French Alps, some of them, repeated hundreds of times. Since years ago, Karl has his own company Cumbre Tours, dedicated to that activity.

Ecuatorianswiss, Karl has impregnated his personality on his understanding of the sport, highlighting the trail, alpinism, but also and in the same successful way, on mountain bike (with more than 80 gold medal on maximum international level), and rock climbing. Above all, Karl loves mountains, in which he moves confortable since childhood, with only 7 years old, and since his 15 years old next to his father, climbing glaciers. Karl project certain values that Tulson Tolf respects and shares. The true value of experience, is to be a better human being every day, and to share this travel with experiences, mountains, and unforgettable people.

“Mountain to me is not a sport, it's a lifestyle, it energizes me and show me respect and humility to face the day. Running in the mountains to feel free and connected to Mother Nature”