Climbing Running
Alpin Running
5 years

Micha Steiner. His name provoke respect and admiration. Micha has a very unique style, making climbs and mountains seem easy, and with an speed that makes record. Speed and simplicity on higher mountains.
His incredible historical it´s competed of triumphs and activities such as, in 2013, Graubünden Marathon Rothorn Run 2013, International Skyrace Val malenco Val Poschiavo 16K, Dolomites Skyrace European Championship, Matterhorn Ultraks Zermatt K16, Rosetta Skyrace. In 2014, ResegUp Skyrace, Graubündenmarathon Rothorn Run, Dolomites Skyrace, Geir di Mont, Mountainman 21K, Rosetta Skyrace, Limone Extreme Skyrace. In 2015, Limone Extreme Skyrace, Internation Rosett Skyrace, Livigno Sky Marathon by Marco De Gasperi, Dolomintes Skyrace, Sativa Skyrace, Engadin Ultras 16K, Reses Up Skyrace.

About Skymo, during the years 2013 and 2014, Micha compited at the Swisscup Nachtrennen Nightattack Flumserberg, Swiss Championship Vertical, Swisscup Sprint Grischasprint, Davos Race, (Strecke B), World Cup Verlier, Swisscup Nachtrennen Munggärun Elm, (Strecke A), World Cup La Pitturina, European Cahmpsionships Andorra, Swisscup Trofea Pez Ault, (Strecke AB). In 2015, he competed the World Cup Andorra, World Championships Verlier, Pierre Menta Jeunes.

On September 2015, with his friend, the amazing Philipp Brugger, they made speed record climbing the Piz Bernina. Biancograt von Bahnhof Pontresina (Gipfel 4h59´), bis Bahnhof Morteratsch (via Spallagrat-Bellavista-Fortezzagrat), 8h48´.