Bad Reichenhall
Climbing Running
14 years

Philipp Reiter was born in a family with a big love for the mountains. And that is the way he grown up. Soon Philipp would be skiing. The International Youth Camp in Praxmar and also in Slovakia, German Championship, 1st World Cup, an invitation for the DAV, to be allowed to start at the World Cup in Chambery 2008. Following his passion for skiing, Philipp took a new path, initially motivated by the need of keeping the training and the preparation between winters, he started looking for new goals looking for running mountains and climbing. Soon, he would take part at the Transalpine Run, an eight days running through the Alps, covering the 350km. This time, was a new paragraph for Philipp, getting completely passionated for the hole scenery of running, climbing, and fully enjoying the mountains.

World Championship and European Championship in 2011, First at the Olympus Ski Mountaineering Team Race in 2012. First at the Zugspitz Supertrail in 2011, or 2nd at 4 Trails, was just the beginning of his amazing career, that makes us enjoy looking for the next of this great lover of the mountains.