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The winter alpine vest. After ALPIN INVERNAL, now ALPIN VEST INVERNAL for the most winter conditions.

The New Alpinism. The new mountaineering, the climbing of today is already the one of the future, a light, fast and intelligent climb, where the physical, mental and material preparation is already today absolutely personalized for the route to be carried out. ALPIN VEST INVERNAL will make you forget the traditional backpack. As a vest, it adapts to your body and your fast movements, allowing you to run down the mountain in the no-climb sections. While you climb with the ALPIN VEST INVERNAL vest, you will feel your second skin with just the right amount you need in winter conditions.


It has the capacity to store material divided into four rings, rope, helmet, crampons, two piles with two positions, one during access and descent, another during climbing, rear backpack space, folding poles, and skis, always being light material conceived like ALPIN VEST INVERNAL. Its multiple and strategic outer elastics and straps allow you to customize your climb to your style and material.


If you are an alpinist, ALPIN VEST INVERNAL allows you to do routes of high difficulty, expressing yourself with freedom of movement, Alpin Running. It will provide you with a unique security because your material intelligently chosen by you for your day, route and conditions, will be intelligently arranged around your body. Not a gram too much, not an important piece too small.

If you are a climber of winter routes, ALPIN VEST INVERNAL will make you feel safe from start to finish. You will be able to go up at the foot of the track and run down comfortably carrying your rope, helmet, and necessary material and chosen by you for your day on the rock. The gear loops add absolute comfort as they are designed with weights and scales engineering. You can organize your material by distributing weights added to the souls of your harness. Climbing and drinking is easy, thanks to the camel back tube that you will have all the time on your shoulder. A whistle at the height of your chest for emergencies, an emergency blanket included, and multiple internal and external pockets strategically distributed creating the most intelligent product for you.

If you are a runner, you practice climbing running, and / or skimo, you will be addicted to the ALPIN VEST INVERNAL vest. You will be able to vibrate your body to the maximum on both land and rock, having all the spaces intelligently distributed to respond to your needs. Your skis, your shoes inside, a possible descent rope, safety pieces in the gear bag, camelback, pockets for your gel, your bars, and many, many fastening pieces to be able to have your light material perfectly organized at the disposal of your freest movements.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to TULSON TOLF indomitable climber #indomitableclimber



Lightness, freedom of movement. The hybrid vest. Vest structure, comfortable, dynamic, ergonomic. With backpack space to be able to store precisely what you need for your climbing day.


Inside the ALPIN VEST includes an emergency blanket, a whistle, and a thermal bag for your camel back.
On the outside, thanks to its multiple tapes and handles we can store material divided into four rings, rope, helmet, and light ski (skimo), two piles, for two positions (base position, climbing position), space for crayons, and even some extra warm garment.


ALPIN VEST INVERNAL is a cruelty free product. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.

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Why we love it

We love going fast, we love moving freely, we love to feel precise on our gear, without missing what is necessary. ALPIN VEST is the one and only hybrid that bring us all. More than a vest, more than a backpack. It fits perfectly on around our bodies while running, walking, climbing and in the descents. It keeps everything organized to the millimeter. Water, pockets, outside material carrier, its place for the helmet, for the rope, … its simple perfect

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  • Donato

    Enjoying it to the fullest in Dolomites.

  • Lea

    I practice skimo and ALPIN VEST INVERNAL already seems indispensable to me and my team. Is awesome. So measured to the centimeter, so well thought out and made, so light and precise. I will buy ALPIN VEST for the summer season and be able to train.

  • Simon

    It is my favorite piece of all time. I have never liked backpacks because it is uncomfortable, it limits movements and is a mess. And running vests are for that, they are not designed for climbing. ALPIN VEST is another world, another concept. I run freely, I climb with the same freedom, and everything is organized, I drink water climbing with the camel back. It is a product ahead of our time. Congratulations!

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