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GRADE indoor is a GRADE collection climbing shoe focused on indoor climbing. Whether on your training session or during your sports climbing resin activity, GRADE indoor acts remarkably thanks to the grey Vibram sole, created specifically for the resin adherence, and the unique EQUILIBRIUM system applied.

GRADE is a climbing shoe destined to up your grade. Two main characteristics make this product unique. The Equilibrium system, and the presentation in a COMBO. Same system, same last, same adjustment. Identical effects in two versions. Velcro and lace, allowing to the climber exchanging the closure system, without changing the fit on his climbs.
Tulson Tolf presents the most revolutionary system on the climbing shoe history. EQUILIBRIUM system. Toe and heel coordinate the 91% of the movements on sports climbing. The 82% of these, is a force of pressure comes from the toe. The Equilibrium system unifies the perfect curvatures, just weights, and a positioned balance. The result, stable dynamism & constant propulsion.
The new “egg heel”, as part of the Equilibrium system, positioned intelligently the weight of your body in a balanced way, focusing the local force to the next movement. The “claw toe” as part of the Equilibrium system, allows a foot position in every place, as unthinkable that seems to be.

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When your grade is important to you and you know that the only instrument you depend on is your climbing shoe to raise your grade. When you know that clothes don’t matter, nothing else matters but you and your climbing shoes. If you think like this, GRADE is your role model.


Tulson Tolf sock system achieves a perfect fit.
The specific grey Vibram ® rubber for climbing walls guarantees maximum adherence in resin.
The Equilibrium System will revolutionize your climbing. A system of weights and tensions that will make you feel helped from the feet to your impulse, adherence and maximum pressure.


The claw toe with increased tension inside will make you feel like never before. Accurate and safe.
The Tulson Tolf Egg Heel balances your total weight always in favor of your movements against gravity.


GRADE INDOOR is a cruelty-free climbing shoe. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.


100% recyclable interior.
With thermoregulatory effect, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, manufactured using a CO2-free process, free of Chromium IV, anti-odor and antibacterial.

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Why we love it

The same model in three versions, is a dream to raise our grade. GRADE Indoor is perfect for resin. Thanks to its elastic, it is easy to remove and wear it during our workouts. And the laces and velcro version, fit perfectly and identically so that when we are going to rock, our adjustment is the same, but its the climbing shoe the one to adapts to the conditions, and not us. Its the perfect climbing shoe to sport climbing.

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  • Matthias

    I am a trainer and instructor. I’ve been using these shoes for two years now and I simply don’t want any others. I have seen the progress they have made in me and in people of all types and with all types of errors. When a climber has a responsive climbing shoe that translates into confidence in their feet, and therefore in their steps. I combine it with STEP 2 in climbing wall, because it works the muscles and tendons in a very effective way. That combination of stretching and muscle allows you to climb more and better. And have healthier feet.

  • Matthias

    Soy entrenador y monitor. Llevo usando estos pies de gato desde hace ya dos años y sencillamente no quiero otros. He visto el avance que suponen en mi y en personas de todo tipo y con todo tipo de errores. Cuando el escalador tiene un pie de gato que responde eso se traduce en confianza en sus pies, y por tanto en sus pasos. Yo lo combino con STEP 2 en rocódromo, porque trabaja los músculos y tendones de una manera muy efectiva. Esa combinación de estirar y muscular te permite escalar más y mejor. Y tener tus pies mas sanos.

  • Gerard

    At first they seemed like hard and uncomfortable climbing shoe, but in exactly four climbs everything changed. The climbing shoe was made to my foot, the curvature adapted to my weight…. Amazing.

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