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GRADE is a climbing shoe destined to up your grade. Two main characteristics make this product unique. The Equilibrium system, and the presentation in a COMBO. Same system, same last, same adjustment. Identical effects in two versions. Velcro and lace, allowing to the climber exchanging the closure system, without changing the fit on his climbs.

Tulson Tolf presents the most revolutionary system on the climbing shoe history. EQUILIBRIUM system. Toe and heel coordinate the 91% of the movements on sports climbing. The 82% of these, is the force of pressure comes from the toe. The Equilibrium system unifies the perfect curvatures, just weights, and a positioned balance. The result, stable dynamism & constant propulsion.

The new “egg heel”, as part of the Equilibrium system, positioned intelligently the weight of your body in a balanced way, focusing the local force to the next movement. The “claw toe” as part of the Equilibrium system, allows a foot position in every place, as unthinkable that seems to be.

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Why we love it

The same model in three versions, is a dream to raise our grade. GRADE Indoor is perfect for resin. Thanks to its elastic, it is easy to remove and wear it during our workouts. And the laces and velcro version, fit perfectly and identically so that when we are going to rock, our adjustment is the same, but its the climbing shoe the one to adapts to the conditions, and not us. Its the perfect climbing shoe to sport climbing.