QUBIT Invernal Sky Blue

QUBIT Invernal Sky Blue

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The lightest climbing shoe, folding, with a maximum grip suitable for fast shifts in rock, now invernal.

Qubit, is a climbing shoe created to carry it comfortably in any pocket, with the security of knowing that for its practicality and ultralight weight, you will forget you´re wearing them on. This system, allows runners to resolve climbing areas, with the maximum security offered by a great climbing shoe.

The fit of the Qubit is a hybrid, thought and created for the runner feet, with its technique applied to rock climbing. It protects the metatarsal bones, gently releases the heel, and sharpens the tip to offer you the best sensitivity on the rock, with the greater freedom of movement. Protecting the foot of the lateral displacements, fast movements, both uphills and downhills, or any type of lateral inclination.

Its performance stands out on all surfaces of rocks.


The mythical climbing shoe that changed the way you go for a run. A lightweight, foldable climbing shoe that, when you carry it in your vest pocket, you know that in difficult moments it will get you out of trouble. You change your shoes for your QUBIT climbing shoes and go climbing. Its thermal fleece sock makes it the perfect climbing shoe for cold rock conditions, keeping our temperature stable on the wall. It is so nice!


QUBIT has been designed on the foot of the runner. It generates the perfect fit at the toe releasing movements with perfect tension strip and adaptable closure. It is minimalist easy to put on and take off. Just what you need to keep running while climbing.

The Vibram ® sole guarantees maximum adherence.


QUBIT is a cruelty-free climbing shoe. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.


100% recyclable interior. With thermoregulatory effect, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, manufactured using a CO2-free process, free of Chromium IV, anti-odor and antibacterial.

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35 EU, 35.5 EU, 36 EU, 36.5 EU, 37 EU, 37.5 EU, 38 EU, 38.5 EU, 39 EU, 39.5 EU, 40 EU, 40.5 EU, 41 EU, 41.5 EU, 42 EU, 42.5 EU, 43 EU, 43.5 EU, 44 EU, 44.5 EU, 45 EU, 45.5 EU, 46 EU, 46.5 EU, 47 EU, 47.5 EU, 48 EU

Why we love it?

QUBIT is the first climbing shoe that has allowed us to practice climbing running. We just have to fold it, we put it in our pocket, and we go running. When we reach a technical step, we just have to put on our Qubit climbing shoes, and … exceeded and enjoyed step! + the polar sock bring us for the first time in history, the warmth that we always dream of. By lowering our heart rate, we maintain our body temperature in the coldest conditions.

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  • Alexander

    J’y vais pour mon troisième QUBIT et bientôt pour les chambres. C’est mon chausson d’escalade. Je comprends que ce n’est polyvalent pour personne, mais pour moi c’est le meilleur chausson d’escalade. J’ai des orteils épais développés par la course et la transition du pied de baskets dilaté au chausson d’escalade QUBIT est parfaite pour moi.

  • Alexander

    I’m going for my third QUBIT and soon for the rooms. It’s my climbing shoe. I understand that it is not versatile for anyone, but for me it is the best climbing shoe. I have thick toes developed from running, and the transition from the dilated shoe foot to the QUBIT climbing shoe is perfect for me.

  • Alexander

    Voy por mis tercer QUBIT y pronto por los cuartos. Es mi pie de gato. Comprendo que no es polivalente para cualquier persona, pero para mi es el mejor pie de gato. Tengo los dedos gruesos desarrollados de correr, y la transición del pie dilatado de la zapatillas a los pie de gato QUBIT es para mi perfecta.

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