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With only 187 GR, TRAD is the lighter climbing shoe specifically designed for TRAD rock climbing. The EQUILIBRIUM system, applied to the traditional climbing, the ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM System by Tulson Tolf, makes this climbing shoe the most powerful of the moment on the greatest rock walls.
The ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM system, whose points of reference are the triangle and the yellow ice ax marked on the sole, coordinate through a system of tensions, balance of weights and hardness, each part of the climbing shoe. The sturdy and flexible toe balances perfectly with the sole and heel, protecting the climber’s foot, his balance in verticality, and his climbing time, allowing him to fully trust on his climbing shoe in order to climb.
Part of the Tulson Told ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM system is the sock fit, which hugs the climber’s foot like a glove, protecting it, giving it a perfect fit, and accompanying it in the same way throughout the activity for as long as it is. A soft, protective, antibacterial interior fabric, and infinitely comfortable.

The TRAD chalk bag has been created, not as a mere complement, but as part of the new Tulson Tolf climbing system. The TRAD magnesium is designed in an ergonomic way through its structure of weights and weights, accompanying each movement that the climber performs. The mitten shape allows the climber to access his magnesium quickly, incredibly easy, and with the movement accompanied, will not waste a single gram of magnesium so necessary in long ways where you can not replace the bag.


The TRAD chalk bag will change the concept of chalk bags. It is no longer just another bag. It is “the” chalk bag. Designed with an angular rotation system to your body, proportional, and always guided by your center of gravity, it manages to be a dynamic bag that accompanies you during your climb with the main purposes. Not wasting a gram of magnesium and easy access, thanks to its shape of mitten, the same we have during climbing.


TRAD is a cruelty-free magazine. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.

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Why we love it

Never disparage the power of a chalk bag. TRAD CHALK BAG is great. We love how it moves with us while we are climbing, keeping the gravity of the chalk bag aligned with our gravity movements. The magnesium keeps safe while our climb, no matter how long the route is, without wasting a gram. We love how confortable is the mitten form, that allows our hands to find the powder easier than ever before. Its such a unique and great chalk bag

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  • George

    Practico mucha fisura, y es alucinante como se mantiene recto al suelo. No se desperdicia ni un gramo de magnesio, lo que se agradece en los ojos en los volteos. Es la segunda que compro y tengo claro que es mi magnesera. Me encanta. La uso con los pies de gato California. Es mi mezcla preferida.

  • Clara

    Está magnesera es flipante. Necesitaba una nueva y honestamente no pensé que tenía tanto valor. Para mi hoy vale oro! Hoy me doy cuenta del magnesio que me perdían las anteriores magnsereas. Escalo vial de mayor grado y mayores largos, y cuando termino tengo todavía todo mi magnesio protegido. A mi esto me importa porque no se escalar sin magnesio. Lo uso bastante. La voy recomendando todo el tiempo. Por poner una pega, hacedla en mas colores! Este es genial y combina con mis pies de gato TRAD, pero si la diseñaseis en más colores me las compraba todas! Me encanta el rollo Tulson Tolf, sus colores, te hacen sentir especial y limpia con el medio ambiente.

  • George

    Je pratique beaucoup la fissuration, et c’est incroyable de voir comment il reste droit au sol. Pas un gramme de magnésium n’est gaspillé, ce qui est apprécié dans les yeux sur les flips. C’est le second que j’achète et je suis clair que c’est ma magnésie. J’aime. Je l’utilise avec des chaussons d’escalade California. C’est mon mélange préféré.

  • Clara

    Cette magnésie est incroyable. J’en avais besoin d’un nouveau et honnêtement, je ne pensais pas qu’il avait autant de valeur. Aujourd’hui vaut de l’or pour moi! Aujourd’hui je me rends compte du magnésium que les magnsereas précédents me perdaient. Je grimpe de plus hauts niveaux et de plus longues longueurs, et quand j’ai fini, j’ai encore tout mon magnésium protégé. Cela m’importe parce que je ne peux pas grimper sans magnésium. Je l’utilise pas mal. Je le recommande tout le temps. Pour mettre un bâton, faites-le dans plus de couleurs! Celui-ci est génial et correspond à mes chaussures d’escalade TRAD, mais si vous l’avez conçu dans plus de couleurs, je les achèterais toutes! J’adore le rouleau Tulson Tolf, ses couleurs vous font vous sentir spécial et propre avec l’environnement.

  • George

    I practice a lot of fissuring, and it’s amazing how he stays straight on the ground. Not a gram of magnesium is wasted, which is appreciated in the eyes on the flips. It is the second one that I buy and I am clear that it is my magnesera. Love it. I use it with California climbing shoes. It is my favorite mix.

  • Clara

    This magnesera is amazing. I needed a new one and I honestly didn’t think it had that much value. Today is worth gold for me! Today I realize the magnesium that the previous magnsereas were losing me. I climb higher grade and longer lengths, and when I finish I still have all my magnesium protected. This matters to me because I can’t climb without magnesium. I use it quite a bit. I am recommending it all the time. To put a stick, make it in more colors! This one is great and matches my TRAD climbing shoes, but if you designed it in more colors I would buy them all! I love the Tulson Tolf roll, its colors make you feel special and clean with the environment.

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