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The EQUILIBRIUM system, applied to the traditional climbing, the ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM System by Tulson Tolf, makes this climbing shoe the most powerful of the moment on the greatest rock walls.
The ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM system, whose points of reference are the triangle and the yellow ice ax marked on the sole, coordinate through a system of tensions, balance of weights and hardness, each part of the climbing shoe. The sturdy and flexible toe balances perfectly with the sole and heel, protecting the climber’s foot, his balance in verticality, and his climbing time, allowing him to fully trust on his climbing shoe in order to climb.
Part of the Tulson Told ALPINE EQUILIBRIUM system is the sock fit, which hugs the climber’s foot like a glove, protecting it, giving it a perfect fit, and accompanying it in the same way throughout the activity for as long as it is. A soft, protective, antibacterial interior fabric, and infinitely comfortable.

The TRAD chalk bag has been created, not as a mere complement, but as part of the new Tulson Tolf climbing system. The TRAD magnesium is designed in an ergonomic way through its structure of weights and weights, accompanying each movement that the climber performs. The mitten shape allows the climber to access his magnesium quickly, incredibly easy, and with the movement accompanied, will not waste a single gram of magnesium so necessary in long ways where you can not replace the bag.


Light, precise, comfortable, versatile. A climbing shoe that adapts to your foot and not you to it.
Designed for TRAD climbing, it ends up being a best seller thanks to its versatility. It is the perfect climbing shoe for all moments, for all types of foot, rock and style.


A design, manufacturing and application system that makes it unique, revolutionary. You will only need a few hours of climbing, for the Alpine Equilibrium System to do its work on your foot, taking your shape, learning your climbing style. From that point on, you will notice that it is made for you, that it responds to you, and that it is the best climbing shoe you ever dreamed of having.

The Tulson Tolf sock system achieves a perfect fit. VIBRAM ® rubber guarantees maximum adherence. And its balanced design in weights, materials, adjustments and pressure points make this climbing shoe a mythical climbing shoe.


TRAD is a cruelty-free climbing shoe. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.


100% recyclable interior.
With thermoregulatory effect, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, manufactured using a CO2-free process, free of Chromium IV, anti-odor and antibacterial.

Additional information

Talla Hombre

35 EU, 35.5 EU, 36 EU, 36.5 EU, 37 EU, 37.5 EU, 38 EU, 38.5 EU, 39 EU, 39.5 EU, 40 EU, 40.5 EU, 41 EU, 41.5 EU, 42 EU, 42.5 EU, 43 EU, 43.5 EU, 44 EU, 44.5 EU, 45 EU, 45.5 EU, 46 EU, 46.5 EU, 47 EU, 47.5 EU, 48 EU

Why we love it

TRAD is the most polyvalent climbing shoe that has ever existed. It´s technical, but it´s confortable. It´s precise, but it´s adaptable. It´s sock fit has been thought and designed to the millimeter, with dynamic lasts, threads and materials to be for the first time the climbing shoe the one to adapt to our feet, and not the opposite as it has always been. Approximately the first five times wearing them we feel that it fits us a lot. This is the molding process to our feet. Once this phase is over, we find ourselves with the most adapted climbing shoe to our feet, and we find ourselves with the climbing shoes that bring us the most self confidence and security route to route, where even a millimeter has been moved in its inside no matter how long the route is. We find a climbing shoe where in its outside, wherever we put our foot on the rock, it always adapts and sticks to the rock like no other, no matter how difficult the step is.

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  • Antoine

    Es mi pie de gato preferido. Comencé a usarlo y me asustaron porque apretaban mucho. Efectivamente a las tres cuatro veces que los utilicé noté un cambio instantáneo. Sentí un pie de gato que de verdad estaba hecho a mi forma. Esto se lo cuento a todos mis compañeros de escalada que ya son muchos los que opinan igual. Vamos todos con TRAD! . También la magnesera TRAD es alucinante. Son piezas muy únicas, hay que probarlas para saberlo.

  • Gerard

    Soy guia de alta montaña, y os doy mi maxima puntuación porque en 25 años de experiencia y habiendo probado tantos pies de gato diferentes, al final TRAD es mi preferido. Es minimal, parece sencillo, pero está hecho con una complejidad tremenda para resultar sencillo. Es top.

  • Antoine

    C’est ma chaussure d’escalade préférée. J’ai commencé à l’utiliser et ils m’ont fait peur parce qu’ils étaient trop serrés. En effet, après trois ou quatre fois que je les ai utilisés, j’ai remarqué un changement instantané. J’ai senti une chaussure d’escalade qui était vraiment faite à ma forme. Je dis cela à tous mes compagnons d’escalade qui sont déjà nombreux à penser la même chose. Allons-y tous avec TRAD!. De plus, la magnésie TRAD est incroyable. Ce sont des pièces uniques, il faut les essayer pour le découvrir.

  • Gerard

    Je suis guide de haute montagne, et je vous donne mes meilleures notes car en 25 ans d’expérience et après avoir essayé tant de chaussons d’escalade différents, au final TRAD est mon préféré. C’est minime, cela a l’air simple, mais il est fait avec une complexité énorme pour que les choses restent simples. C’est top.

  • Gerard

    I am a high mountain guide, and I give you my highest marks because in 25 years of experience and having tried so many different climbing shoes, in the end TRAD is my favorite. It’s minimal, it looks simple, but it’s made with tremendous complexity to keep it simple. It is top.

  • Antoine

    It is my favorite climbing shoe. I started using it and they scared me because they were too tight. Indeed, after three four times that I used them, I noticed an instant change. I felt a climbing shoe that was really made to my shape. I tell this to all my climbing companions who are already many who think the same. Let’s all go with TRAD!. Also the magnesera TRAD is amazing. They are very unique pieces, you have to try them to find out.

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