I + D

Tulson Tolf has its own Research + Development team that coordinates, in collaboration with the most important laboratories in the world, the greatest technical and technological advances for us to apply to our products.

Tulson Tolf products are MADE IN EUROPE, with a team where each and every worker has a high degree of technical preparation and vital experience in their work, combining the most modern technology with the best know-how of our team. In addition, all and all positions of responsibility, as well as workers, practice mountain activities each in their specialty, enriching our brand with vital feedback that makes this brand unique with happy workers who do what they love and love what they do, and what affects the best product.


Tulson Tolf has a plan of its own towards sustainability. Our agenda today is if it is at a very high percentage point of advance, having managed to create the best imaginable products, keeping vegan, clean, cruelty-free materials, and chemicals that aren´t harmful to the environment. The result is a clean collection, with excellent technical results.

The least clean element is the rubber of the climbing shoes, so essential for climbing. To make it as sustainable as possible, Tulson Tolf collects and recycles leftover or old rubbers in order to be reused in future materials.

Tulson Tolf's packaging is made with recycled and / or recyclable materials such as biodegradable materials and organic hils. Our boxes, papers, bags, ties.

Shipments from our online store are made with UPS that has NATURAL CAPITAL PARTNERS constantly looking for and offering ways of transport CO2 NEUTRAL, CARBON NEUTRAL SHIPMENT.


Within the framework of the same agenda, Tulson Tolf is today a completely digitized brand.


Tulson Tolf collaborates with the Kilian Jornet Foundation, for the preservation of the mountain and its surroundings, counting among its projects and since its inception with the collaboration with World Glacier Monitoring Service, WGMS, monitoring the monitoring, study and research of glaciers.

At the end of each purchase in our online store, you can make your personal donation and collaborate with their programs.



In Tulson Tolf we have climbers in our team in the paraclimb category in various modalities and difficulties, with whom we consider a huge honor to collaborate with, being an example to follow due to their true sports spirit, personal improvement and excellence.

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