The first vest in history created and designed for TRAD and Alpin climbing. A vest hibrid with a backpack space + a vest fitting done with the best materials to ensure your maximum confortability while your activity.

The Alpin Vest contains multiple spaces designed to the milimetres to have all what you need in order and in its on space. It comes with applications to bring your rockclimbing material, from ropes to helmets, friends, slings, or carabiners. It brings an emergency whistle, a survival blanket, a pocket for a camel back and many spaces to climb with the freedom that you feel and you always dreamt of. Embrace the future.



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Talla ropa

S, M, L, XL

Why we love it

Step 1 and Step 2 is the must climbing shoes we all should have. It works for every moment since the beginning in this sport to always. When we start on climbing this climbing shoes will introduces us to the technique of vertical climbs with confortabity, security, and freedom of movements. While we advance, they will be our best tool to train on our self confidence, to stretch, to strengthen our muscles and to practice techniques like yoga climb thanks to its extreme comfort. And finally, when we are on a high level, they will be next to us always to climb in the most free way. Every day we are more the climbers who always, always wear our Step 1 or Step 2 in our pockets.