The first TRAD climbing vest. A hybrid vest with rear backpack space designed to ensure maximum comfort while climbing.

The New Alpinism. The new mountaineering, the climbing of today is already that of the future, a light, fast and intelligent climb, where the physical, mental and material preparation is already today absolutely personalized for the route to be carried out. The ALPIN VEST vest has been designed with the materials, measurements and perfect ergonomics to feel a second skin during climbing, which also, thanks to its multiple spaces designed to the millimeter, you will have everything you need in an orderly way, each one in its specific place during the most difficult routes.


ALPIN VEST includes an insulated camelback bag, an emergency whistle in the top front pocket, and a survival blanket.

It has the capacity to store material divided into four rings, rope, helmet, and multiple elastics and straps in which you can store everything from your folding poles, to a coat, customizing it to your taste and own need.


If you are a TRAD climber, ALPIN VEST will allow you to finally feel that a material is there to facilitate your climbing and not to make it uncomfortable. You will feel lightness, precision and organization of your perfectly stored material, with freedom of movement and expression on rock. The gear loops will be key for the distribution of your gear helping your balance and comfort. Climbing and drinking water or your favorite isotopic drink is easy, thanks to the tube that will be on your shoulder while you climb. And the accesses and descents at the foot of the wall will finally be freed, allowing you to run at full speed with your vest securely on you, molded on your body, without vibrations or shocks.

If you are a runner, you practice or climbing running, you will know the running vests. ALPIN VEST is a climbing vest that will allow you to store your climbing equipment, your climbing shoes and running shoes without the need for a harness, you can drink water or your favorite sports drink as you are used to doing.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to TULSON TOLF indomitable climber #indomitableclimber



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Why we love it

We love going fast, we love moving freely, we love to feel precise on our gear, without missing what is necessary. ALPIN VEST is the one and only hybrid that bring us all. More than a vest, more than a backpack. It fits perfectly on around our bodies while running, walking, climbing and in the descents. It keeps everything organized to the millimeter. Water, pockets, outside material carrier, its place for the helmet, for the rope, … its simple perfect