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The ´70s, California, USA. Lynn Hill, John Long, Dean Fidelman, Mike Graham, Rick Accomazzo, Dean Fidelman, Dale Bard, wake up at the Yosemite campground while Bachar plays the huge and golden saxophone walking around the ashes from the campfire from the previous night. It´s time for Rock ´n´Roll, Free Jazz, and big walls, a lot of rock. At that moment they didn’t know, but they were making history being the crew that revolutionized free climbing, making of their climbing shoes their new tool to break boundaries with their flag of rebellion and freedom. They’ve been the most rocker crew, stylish & unique along the short history of rock climbing. And Tulson Tolf pays tribute to them with California, the new climbing shoes inspired in those days, applying the technology, the materials and technical response of today. A sunny day, a headscarf around your hair, a great route and your California climbing shoes. A new Rock ´n´ Roll star has born. YOU. #climbwithsoul


The ´70s, California, USA. It’s time for Rock ´n´Roll, Free Jazz, and long rock walls, lots of rock. At that time they did not know it, but those climbers were making history by being the group that revolutionized free climbing, making their climbing shoes their new tool to break borders with their flag of rebellion and freedom. Rockers, stylish, unique. Tulson Tolf pays tribute to all that generation with California, the new climbing shoe inspired at that time, applying today’s technology, materials and technical response. A sunny day, a scarf in your hair, a great road and your California climbing shoes. A new rock star has been born. YOU.


California is truly unique climbing shoes. It makes us feel in the world of free climbing of the seventies in its concept and style, climbing with the comfort and refined technique of today. The look of these climbing shoes on the rock is unique.
The Vibram ® sole guarantees maximum adherence
Its release of tension applied to the most perfect fit of today, fills us with comfort to spend hours and hours on the wall.


CALIFORNIA is a cruelty-free climbing shoe. Its materials are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.


100% recyclable interior.
With thermoregulatory effect, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, manufactured using a CO2-free process, free of Chromium IV, anti-odor and antibacterial.

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Talla Hombre

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Why we love it

California is such a unique climbing shoe. We feel in the free climbing world of the seventies in it´s concept and style, wearing a true confortable and refined technique of today. The way this climbing shoes looks on the rocks it´s just unique. It empower all of us to #climbwithsoul

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    These shoes have glitter and sequins on them, both of which contribute to micro-plastic pollution of the environment. For a company that claims it is environmentally responsible, the decision to make this shoe appears to not follow that ethic.

    What about biodegradable glitter, you might ask? It is a largely green-washed product that requires highly specific and unnatural conditions (ex high temperature composting) to break down, and these conditions will not be found at the base of climbs where the shoes will be shedding the micro-plastic. VERY few companies actually use properly biodegradable glitter. That is not even diving into sequins, which are likely just plastic.

  • Alexander

    I have been setting lines that I never thought I could. I did it, comfortable, and with the plus of this wonderful design. You are my favorite brand.

  • Talita

    This climbing shoes are insane!

  • Carol

    I’m crazy about my new CALIFORNIA. I saw them at Joshua Tree and freaked out. I already have them! And they are a spectacle for your feet, for your climbing and for the people who look at you! You are amazed at how they shine with and without the sun.

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